The company was established  in 2000.  At the beginning they operated as an intermediary company placing orders at various manufacturers. Since 2001 our production activities were carried out in rented premises for two years. 2003 was a milestone year for the company because we bought a production hall as well as an administrative building. For following two years this administrative building was undergoing extensive renovations. In 2006 a material storage hall was constructed.

Since the foundation of our company most customers have been from Germany and Austria. Our focusing on this market segment results in high quality requirements concerning all of our products.

Together with the development of Metaltechnik Ltd. new possibilities of expansions into new markets  appeared. Nowadays we are a stable and dynamically developing company. We enlarge our machinery park and introduce new technologies.  We always  strive to meet growing requirements of our customers concerning the quality of our products.

At present our company has 26 employees.

We have been operating on the market for 23 years.